How beat at go-to-market — despite launch a year later

GPT-3 opened up a competitive market for generative AI for copywriting tools Marketing has been a hot vertical for generative AI, helped by the fact that marketers have been “open” to AI assisted tools having experienced them through Google and Meta ad products. SEOs in particular have created content with algorithms through “spun” content forContinue reading “How beat at go-to-market — despite launch a year later”

AI in Robots: A brief historical survey

AI is having a moment, but integrating AI into robotics is more challenging than the web browser. Unlike pure software AI, robotic AI must grapple with the physical world. Despite the challenges, AI does find its way into robots, improving how robots interact with their environments. This is an overview of AI advancements in roboticsContinue reading “AI in Robots: A brief historical survey”