Topics Covered

Writings about growth through the unglamorous middle.

Before the beginning everything is potential.

In the early stages everything is new and exciting.

In the middle the newness wears off, past successes aren’t enough to carry things forward, and new decisions are constrained by existing information and prior decisions.

This is a collection of writing devoted to driving growth in the middle.

Particular focus on:

  • Growing consumer tech companies past $1B in revenue
  • Managing a corporate career in a big tech company

Occasional focus on:

  • Raising boys in tech hubs
  • Riding party waves at Linda Mar
  • Getting my guard passed at San Francisco BJJ


Early stage employee at Austin startups like uShip, BuildASign, and Indeed (around 200 people?), followed by a 3 year startup hiatus.

Currently employed at Indeed (now around 10,000 people.) Current and future San Francisco resident. Arrived after 14 years in Austin, Texas. Spent my adolescence in the Farmington Valley area of Connecticut.

My own startups have included, but not limited to:

  • Evenlevel (2007) – a failed attempt to disrupt the used car industry.
  • TweetRiver (2009) – a company to moderate tweets on TV. This became MassRelevance, which merged with Spredfast, which sold out to Lithium Technologies. I left well before it became MassRelevance.
  • Experiment Engine (2014-2016) – A software platform to help Enterprise companies manage website a/b testing at scale. This was acquired by Optimizely.
  • Various other attempts over the years, including an app to tell how long wait times were at restaurants, an SMS-based app to see how crowded bars were, a social beauty site, and a search engine for furniture.

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